real food

•November 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

Establishment: organic grocer + cafe
Location: the central basement, clarke quay
Website: n.a. (phone: 62244492)

natural vegetarian food honestly couldn’t taste better. more importantly, it’s organic, affordable, and is NOT located in kranji. the menu boasts its organic wild brown rice set accompanied by various veggies, tofu and greens. organic chinese noodles, pasta and pizza also delivered taste and satisfaction. they have an especially enticing breakfast menu which i have yet to try. the drinks are equally comforting. green tea with organic ginger root. almond and brown rice hot drink. mains range from 4$ to 8$. the daily brown rice set is priced at 6.80$. they even bake cakes and desserts, if they are ‘in the mood’.

Experience-wise it’s a cutesy cafe with a very eco-chic ambience. the waitress was wearing a cotton dress (i fought the urge to ask her if it was organic too). a bookshelf displayed a ‘whole foods’ recipe book, design books by karim rashid, green architecture and healthy lifestyle books. the music created a very sunday morning brunch mood (think frankie and jazzy) packing the punch and adding character to this cosy corner is the compact and efficient kitchen tucked in the corner.

what’s more, their products are available for sale. organic and natural food, drinks and household items. we witnessed the chef pick the wild brown rice from the rice basket in the grocery store :). when tasty & healthy food becomes accessible and affordable, what’s not to like?

The final verdict: tasty, affordable ‘real’ food
Criteria: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, grocery
Damage: $-$$
Rating: 4/5


The Nectarie

•October 31, 2009 • 1 Comment

Establishment: Deli, desserts and tea
Location: Clarke Quay

Love begins with tea and wild strawberry strudel. It grows with waffles and hot chocolate sauce. Trying times are tested by the mint chocolate latte. Sandwiches add fuel to its existence, while the cakes comfort and celebrate. Ultimately, you know its a keeper when it wins you with ice-cream; caramel balsamico or mint chocolate chip.

The final verdict: All time favourite dessert/deli/tea/ice cream/ snack bar
Criteria: Deli, Dessert, Drinks
Damage: $-$$
Rating: 5/5

Quattro Stagioni Deli

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Establishment: Deli and Sandwich bar

Location: Liang Court, Clarke Quay



Pasta perfect for lunch. Panna cotta for dessert. Chocolate lava cake served hot!

All prepared by friendly food-loving Italian Chefs.

I frequently return to this deli simply because i love the cheesy cheesy pasta. My favourite is the pesto and dried tomato. Four cheeses receive and honorable mention. The sandwiches have received thumbs ‘up’ too. They serve up yummy desserts and drinks as well. All this under 10$ if you choose the lunchtime meal. *wink*

The space is limited, cramped to be more precise, but the ambience is pleasant. You can sit at the bar style counter or at the recently added tables and chairs slightly away from the counter.

They also sell Italian meats, cheeses and dry produce.

The final verdict: Authentic Italian fare can’t get any cheaper than this.

Criteria: Deli, Dessert, Drinks

Damage: $-$$

Rating: 3/5

Paisely & Cream

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Establishment: Cafe, Bistro & Cupcake Heaven
Location: I’m not sure, used to be at The Central, Clarke Quay

I have been treated like a queen at this establishment. Twice over I’ve been treated to baby cupcakes and chocolate on the house. Bribery, nevertheless, I stand by my judgement. The food is awesome, and has been that way since my first lemon mint tea (if that’s the name for it). I faintly remember the first time I had the salad and cupcakes there.Wow-wowing every little thing on the plate. The next time, I raved about the little lounge area that was amazingly decorated for professional facebook photo taking. In any case this little joint has been reviewed over and over again. And although the concept is cute and maybe a little rough around the edges (“life with passion” doesnt quite captivate its existence), I would recommend it with two thumbs up. To add to its quirky-ness, the hollywood-glamour-era themed menu earned smiles and smirks :).

As to its dubious location, (it used to be at The Central Clarke Quay but has moved since) I have yet to scour through the website and find out. In the meanwhile, you’ll be more than happy to order boxfulls of baby cakes for your next home party or barbeque. Guaranteed conversation starter.

The final verdict: Audrey Hepburn would have loved it more than Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Criteria: Bistro, Cakes, Tea
Damage: $-$$
Rating: 4/5


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Establishment: Yoghurt Bar

Location: Holland Village/Serangoon Gardens/Raffles Boulevard 


I am by all means, an ice-cream lover. But ‘frolick’ is a whimsical bar that has given frozen yoghurt a cult personality. The flavours are simple, plain or fruit (usually peach) with fruit/cereal toppings. The presentation takes this little store to the uber-cool level. Their image is propelled by whacky little badge-button signs that leave you giggling. The *ahem* connotations are pretty obvious yet innocent enough so you can smile your way out of it. There’s an entire wall full of them at Holland V. Even the tables have magnified versions printed on them.

To complete the package, the website is a fun place too, you can download the ruler measure the length of your tongue, or play pack-man yoghurt style and pop a few virtual cherries. Overall, I think the store is a very simple idea extrapolated and personified to be fun, and that’s why you should go down there to eat, enjoy and say “why didn’t I think of this myself!”

The final verdict: fun. fun. frolick.

Criteria: Dessert/Snack

Relative Damage: $

Rating: 3/5

The Daily Scoop

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Establishment: Ice-cream cafe
Location: Sunset Way Arcade (Off Clementi Road) 

As you all know, the Daily Scoop isn’t a tabloid newspaper. It is an ice cream joint that boasts of home made and handmade, yummy frozen delights. The flavours available are interesting, genuinely tasty and a tad bit crazy at times.

The must try frozen treats would be, Nutty Macadamia, Durian-Durian, Mango Magic, Chunky Peanut Butter, So Berry Cheez, and Lime & Blackpepper. The list continues with seasonal specialities available from time to time. They serve standard hot drinks and waffles and brownies with ice cream. The waffles are good, however I find the brownies to be on the drier side. There are other ice cream stores with similar concepts that I am yet to visit, but the friendly ambience and personalised atmosphere is hard to match. I have seen the owner many a time serving customers with a friendly smile. This little store has a passion, and that’s ice cream.

The final verdict: Kudos for creativity and multiplying the fun in ice-cream eating.
Criteria: Dessert
Relative Damage: $
Rating: 4/5

silly games

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  • a great way to waste time if you're immensely bored is to play the mcvideogame…yes about mcdonalds and not endorsed by them. once you play it you'll realise whyi in no way am endorsing the big M. personally i hate macdonalds. they are simply marketing whores who play on the ignorance of the public… and this game aptly shows that. 🙂
  • next try the ben and jerry's game centre. im a fan of ice cream but not so much for b&J. i like purer flavours. something more like hagen dasz. Primarily for its divine taste… and its simple yet royal presentation. The ice cream doesn't get lost in its marketing campaign.

The macdonalds game involves some degree of intelligence to play, bt the b&js are simple monotonous games tht dont really involve strategy. i personally prefer the mc one… but it boils down to mood i guess…